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labral tear / LABRUM TEAR Shoulder

Labrum is a soft cartilage attached to the rim of the shoulder socket, which helps to keep the ball of the shoulder in the socket. The damage of this cartilage is known as a Labral Tear. This accounts for 5 to 10 % of shoulder injuries.


Traumatic injuries such as direct hit or fall, Bowlers in cricketing -overuse of shoulder such as throwing, weightlifting etc. results in a Labral tear. Other causes include ageing process.



There many variants of tear

SLAP Tear -Which means superior lateral anterior-posterior the tear occurs front to back.

BANKART Tear -The tear occurs in the lower half of the socket.

ALPSA – Anterior Labrum Periosteal Sleeve avulsion  tear occurs in the anterior socket of the shoulder.

POLPSA – Posterior Labrocapsular periosteal sleeve avulsion tear occurs in the posterior socket of the shoulder


The diagnostic CT scans and X- rays are performed after taking complete medical history physical examination. Your orthopaedic sports injury specialist may also perform arthroscopic examination by inserting a tiny camera through a small cut it gives a final diagnosis of a labrum tear.

Signs and Symptoms

Labral tear causes severe pain, sense of instability of the shoulder, decreased range of motion, loss of strength and feels like popping/grinding of the shoulder joint.


Non Surgical Management: 

Firstly the conservative approach by prescribing NSAIDs, rest and rehabilitative exercises to strengthen the muscles of the shoulder.

Surgical Management: 

Majority will require arthroscopic surgery ( keyhole surgery) and the flap of Labrum will be repaired using anchors and non-absorbable sutures to reattach or repair the Labrum / Tendon.

Postoperative rehabilitation will be discussed by your surgeon at consultation.

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