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Golfers elbow

Golfers Elbow is the inflammation of tendons in the forearm inside the elbow. It is also called Medial Epicondylitis, which occurs due to repeated muscle contraction of the forearm, which can lead to a micro tear in the tendon attachment.

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Golfers Elbow Causes

The causes are typically related to repeated stress on the wrist or finger motion during improper lifting, throwing or hitting and it occurs in sports activities such as golf, racket sports, throwing sports and weight training. Other activities also lead to Golfers Elbow such as painting, hammering, chopping wood, using computers and cooking

Signs and Symptoms

Pain and tenderness in the inner side of the arm, Stiffness to make a fist, Weakness in hands and wrist, Numbness and tingling sensation in the fingers and decreased range of motion are the common symptoms.

Golfers Elbow Diagnosis

Golfers Elbow  evaluation is done by the orthopaedic specialist, the doctor will take complete medical history and examine the elbow. If necessary, further supporting of test’s are done, such as X-Ray MRI or Ultrasonography


Conservative Management: 

Activity restrictions of the affected elbow by rest and limited movements, use of splints and braces to reduce stress on the elbow and use of ice packs to reduce pain in an acute setting.

Medical Management-

NSAIDs is the first line of treatment to reduce pain followed by exercise, Injections such as PRP Therapy to relive from severe pain and for healing. Ultrasound therapy may be required as a part of physio

Surgical Management:

Surgical management may be necessary if the symptoms are not relieved for long period and depending on your symptoms. This will be discussed by your surgeon.

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