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When you suffer from a severe Knee or Hip injury or arthritis, the damage and pain can limit your ability to flex your Knee or Hip. Over time, the deterioration of your joint can make it difficult to perform everyday activities. Total Knee/Hip Joint Replacement surgery is a safe and effective solution for people whose Knee/Hip have become too worn out to work properly.

During a total Knee Replacement surgery, the surgeon removes some bone and cartilage from the areas of your thigh bone and shin bone, where they meet at your knee joint. Your knee doctor then replaces the knee area of your thigh bone with a metal implant and the knee area of your shinbone with a plastic implant. Knee replacement also known as Arthroplasty.

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Why is total hip/knee replacement surgery required?

1. You have severe pain, swelling and stiffness in your knee joint and your mobility is reduced

2. Your knee pain is so severe that it interferes with your quality of life and sleep

3. Everyday tasks, such as shopping or getting out of the bath, are difficult or impossible

4. You’re feeling depressed because of the pain and lack of mobility

5. You can’t work or have a normal social life

Who needs Knee/Hip replacement surgery?

1. Those with severe knee pain or stiffness which limits mobility and therefore affects normal life

2. Difficulty in performing daily activities like walking, climbing stairs, getting up from a chair or sitting down, support in the toilet etc

3. Moderate to severe pain even at rest, often leading to disturbed sleep

4. No respite from symptoms despite medicines, rest, physiotherapy or use of walking aids

5. Knee deformity like bowing of legs

6. Failure of treatment such as anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone injections, lubricant injections, physiotherapy or other surgeries


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