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Knee ACL Injury

Knee ACL is one of the major ligaments in four-bar link mechanism of the knee. ACL stabilize and prevents anterior translation of the knee. ACL ligament tear is a common problem in sports personals, female athletes and sports persons have a higher incidence of ACL tear.

Knee ACL Injury Causes

Usally It ACL tear occurs in sports related injuries, it occurs when the knee is hyper-extended, forcefully twisted, changing the direction of leg rapidly, suddenly stopping or slowing down while running, a direct hit on the knee and incorrectly landing from a jump.

KNEE ACL INJURY​ orthospecialist bangalore

Grade 1 – Partial fibers of ACL is damaged.

Grade 2- One of the bundles of ACL is torn causing knee instability.

Grade 3 – a Complete tear of a ligament, leading to knee instability.

Signs & Symptoms
  • Pain and swelling after the injury.
  • Sensation of popping when moving the knee.
  • Loss of range of motion.
  • Instability while walking, running and playing sports.

ACL diagnosis is made by patient history and physical examination. Supported by MRI scan of the knee. Sometimes by doing  stress test  we can  confirm the diagnosis.


Non Surgical Treatment

By providing the First aid treatment at the time of injury, we can reduce pain and swelling.

  • R-Rest
  • I- Ice pack
  • C- Compression
  • E- Extension brace
Surgical Management

Seeing your doctor and understanding your needs. Most of the patients who are willing to go back to sports or active lifestyle will require surgery.

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is performed by cleaning the damaged ligament and reconstructing the graft by taking from either the front or back of the knee using all inside tech. Further discussion will be done at the time of consultation.

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