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What is new in Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL Surgery)?


 ACL tear is a debilitating injury for any athlete or active individual. Physiotherapy can help patients to the control pain and regain freedom of motion partially. Surgery is the only option for individuals trying to get back into the activity or sport they love as normal. 

There have been tremendous advances in our understanding of ACL Injury and treatment over the past two decades.

As we know from the fact, women have a higher tendency of ACL Tear compared to men due to poor proprioception and difference in knee anatomy. 

Not much can be done with changes in anatomy. However, studies and research have shown reduced in the incidence of ACL tear with good proprioceptive training in women.

For any active individual, the preferred treatment for an ACL Tear is an ACL Reconstruction Surgery.  At Columbia Asia hospital, our surgical team is on the cutting edge for this kind of repair or reconstruction.

Using a minimally invasive approach, our sports surgeon is able to place a reconstructed ACL graft inside the correct position in the knee to restore anatomic knee joint function. 

This procedure is commonly called “All Inside ACL Technique.”

This new arthroscopically-assisted technique is performed by placing the ACL Graft in bone sockets in the knee joint, which allows the orthopaedic surgeon to avoid the drilling long bone tunnels.  

When the outer hard shell of the bone is preserved, patients experience less pain. Less pain means a quicker functional recovery and better satisfaction.

Old Conventional Technique
ACL Traditional orthospecialist bangalore
New All Inside Technique
acl surgery orthospecialist bangalore

What are the benefits of “All-Inside” ACL Reconstruction / ACL Surgery ?

The benefits of this approach are significant – especially for active patients. Among those who are candidates for this surgery we see:

  • Less post-operative pain
  • Quicker recovery of lost strength
  • Accelerated rehabilitation


The cosmetic benefits of this approach are also incredibly significant. Since no external instrumentation is applied during the procedure, this surgery is performed with smaller incisions – resulting in less scarring.


How do I check, if I am suitable for ACL All Inside Technique?

Although the benefits of this minimally invasive ACL reconstruction surgery are at large and the surgery can be performed on most individuals. Some patients may not be able for this approach. 

Your eligibility is based on your individual activity level, needs and functional demands. This will be determined by our sports injuries specialist.

If you’re interested in this surgical treatment option, it’s important to consult with a fellowship trained sports medicine and arthroscopic knee specialist to determine if the All Inside ACL Technique is the best treatment option for you.

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