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Osteoarthritis Hip (HIP OA)

Osteoarthritis Hip is progressive deterioration of joints and its functions due to wearing off the Cartilage with increasing age.

Osteo – Bones, Arthritis – Inflammation of joints.

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Second most Common among all arthritis is Hip Osteoarthritis. Hip is ball and socket joint that loads significant amount body weight, thus wearing of Articular Cartilage of the hip joint.

Osteoarthritis Hip Causes

The most common cause of Hip Osteoarthritis is advanced age and it may develop if you had past hip injury, fracture, family history of osteoarthritis, deformity in the hip from the birth mainly DDH, genetic causes or lack of blood supply to the hip joints.

Osteoarthritis Hip Symptoms

Severe pain confined to the hip is the first sign of Hip Osteoarthritis along with it tenderness, stiffness, loss of flexibility, pain in thighs and limited movements. Limited movements can cause significant deterioration of medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Thus affecting overall general health.


Diagnosis of Hip OA is done through patient history & physical examination by your doctor, followed by imaging test such as X- Rays, MRI scans. A blood test will be required to rule out another form of arthritis.


Medical Management:

To relieve pain NSAIDs ( tablets), Topical application of ointments, weight loss regime to decrease hip pain, exercise and physiotherapy

Injection of  PRP / Stem cell Therapy has shown great benefit in cartilage wear. Re-growing of cartilage is done in younger patients with cartilage defect.

Surgical Management:

   1)  Hip Resurfacing in younger male patients.

   2) Total Hip replacement surgery to improve quality of life.

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